During the seminar "Business transformation in operation (s)" organized by the focus group VNSG (Dutch Association of SAP Users) Advanced Delivery Management ERIKS, Every Angle’s customer, gave an exciting presentation on how ERIKS does complete a business transformation in a faster and more efficient way.

During this day René Overwater, Business Process Manager at ERIKS, gave a great testimonial during one of the Every Angle live demonstrations. ERIKS' value proposition is “downtime reduction" and "accelerate time to market" (product leadership) however, delivery reliability (operational excellence) should also be very good to continue delivering to customers.The Every Angle software is used to guarantee operational excellence at ERIKS, to control sales for example. Each sales person has insight into his sales orders. When he communicates a delivery date to his customer and he finds out with Every Angle that the actual delivery date will take place after this date, he will have important information at his fingertips that he has to take action on.So he has insights in not only orders that are already late but also in orders that will be too late in the future. For late orders, the sales person can inform the customer but for the future late orders, the sales person can still take action (offer alternative articles, alternative suppliers, expedite purchase orders etc).

All in all an interesting day with a great testimonial from a happy customer.