sapa-logoWe are pleased to announce that SAPA Building System have signed a companywide contract to use Every Angle to help them with their SAP implementation and subsequent roll-out. SAPA Building System is part of SAPA AS, the world leader in the development, production and sales of high added value products in a wide range of aluminum profiles, applied both in building structures and aluminum heat exchangers.

During SAPA Building System’s SAP implementation, Every Angle was able to simplify the project and improve its chances of success by detecting potential process disturbances and data quality issues prior to the roll-out.

150 employees of SAPA Building System are now using Every Angle on a daily basis to constantly monitor and optimize the performance of their operational processes and to avoid bottlenecks. The Every Angle automation client helps with the process improvements by sending action lists on daily bases. SAPA Building System also uses Every Angle to close their financial month end and to spearhead continuous improvement initiatives through the rapid, actionable insights that is contained within our software.

“With Every Angle we have the Ferrari, to quickly get the answers we need in our daily business.”
[Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte, Best Practice Analysis Manager]