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Every Angle is proud to announce the worldwide release of Every Angle R2016, a transformational upgrade to its unique business self-service analytics software solution for companies that use SAP. This new release is the culmination of four years of development to greatly increase the scope, power, flexibility, security and ease-of-use that the product can deliver.

schermenWith the release of R2016, Every Angle takes its ability to help companies to know more and act faster to the next level, providing business users with near-real time understanding of what is happening in their business as well as numerous other features such as the ability to combine analysis from across the value chain onto a single dashboard. The new version provides users with:

More insight and Intelligence 
Every Angle now supports dual servers, allowing for 24/7 system availability whilst also enabling multiple daily updates that provides users with ‘near real-time’ data analysis. There is a completely new end-user interface, containing detailed analysis capability in eight business process areas: P2P (Purchase to Pay), S2D (Supply to Demand), O2C (Order to Cash), F2R (Finance to Reporting), PM (Plant Maintenance), HCM (Human Capital Management), GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and IT (Information Technology). The new version also contains significantly more content, arriving pre-packaged with hundreds of ready-to-use templates designed to provide answers to critical business questions. These can then be used as the starting point for data analysis, rather than having to design a new angle from scratch. 

Increased Flexibility and Connectivity
R2016 makes Every Angle significantly more flexible, mostly due to the user interface being completely redesigned, web based and optimized for mobile and tablet devices as well as PC users. Every Angle can also now be connected to multiple SAP systems - including SAP HANA. R2016 also enables the easy creation of customizable dashboards that can contain multiple angles from different process areas.

Enhanced Security and Control
There are now a whole host of enhanced security features, including more granular settings and firewalls between separate technical components. Every Angle now allows for external authentication through the Active Directory (AD). Internally, Every Angle allows for more intuitive and granular authorization settings, controlling access to a particular business process, restricting users to only access the data in that area. Administrative users also now have their own user interface in the Management Console, a special web client that provides access to Every Angle’s settings.

Increased Ease-of-Use
Each individual process area now has its own ‘Business Process Activity’ diagram that highlights the different types of conformance and performance analysis that can be completed. Searching for a dashboard, report or angle is now simple with the addition of a new ‘Google Style’ natural language, faceted search engine. This allows users to easily search for the answer to business questions in one of the five available languages (EN / ES / DE / FR / NL). Finally, R2016 also comes pre-packaged with a series of educational videos explaining how to use the solution in each area

About Every Angle
Every Angle is a global software company that has been providing SAP enabled businesses with the power of actionable insight since 2001. Our plug-and-play solution works with any SAP system, including HANA, and allows business users, at every level of the organization, to fully understand what activities and processes influence value chain performance but most importantly, why.

This self-service analytics capability empowers users to identify and resolve key business issues before the customer even notices, removes the need for data extraction to tools like Excel, freeing IT resources and funds so that they can be redirected to more strategic initiatives.

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Lisa Verdel, Communication & PR Manager