For the 12th time now, the “Initiative Mittelstand” has awarded the best and most innovative solutions for medium sized companies with their renowned IT-Innovation prize. Every Angle was one of the participants and we are happy to inform you that we were elected as one of the best solutions. More than 5000 different IT-solutions in the area of medium sized companies competed in 41 categories. In the category Business Intelligence Every Angle was able to stand out against other solutions in this area. All suggestions were evaluated according to fixed criteria by an independent jury consisting of more than 100 professors, scientists, business representatives and specialized journalists. Significant criteria involved the solution’s innovation content (novelty, product maturity and future orientation), benefit (recognizable advantage, impact on its profitability, efficiency increase) and the applicability for medium sized companies (relevance for SMEs, convenience and implementation). We are pleased that this contest honored the benefit of our solutions and recognized its value for medium sized companies with SAP. An “IT-Bestenliste” has been created consecutively to this award. This list is considered a standard work, which supports decision makers in SMEs to find matching IT solutions for their needs.

IT Bestenliste 15