At March 12 Every Angle will once again take part in the event “600 Minutes Supply Chain” at the Charles Hotel in Munich, Germany. This cross-industry event has a “speed dating character” for an exciting exchange of experience between supply chain and supplier decision makers of Germany’s largest companies. This is definitely the place to be for all supply chain managers.

Every Angle has a series of interesting one-on-one meetings lined up with some big names. Participants from leading companies like Bayer CropScience and Daimler AG are getting to know the SAP add-on from Every Angle for the first time and experience in these one-on-one meetings how they can reduce their IT efforts with the help of the Every Angle business user self service. More importantly, they will experience how they can empower their business users with this software in order to generate requested analyses by themselves. With these analyses they can make decisions and take actions on their own level of operational responsibility.

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