On February 26 and 27 Every Angle took part at the Conference Mastering Business Analytics with SAP in Johannesburg, South Africa. The presence of Every Angle, just mere days after launching the new Every Angle2 software in South Africa, could be well felt. Not only did Every Angle have a spectacular booth, banners and canopy carrying the Every Angle name, brand and even customer logos, but Every Angle was clearly visible in the evening of the first day (sponsoring the drinks and bites) and the next morning at the smoothie bar (sponsoring these delicious refreshments).

On February 27 Jacques Adriaansen, Co-founder & Director of Every Angle Academy, hosted a presentation focused on Operational Business Analytics, from the Age of Data to the Era of Answers. Adriaansen explained to a well-filled room that data without context are mere numbers and words but, after adding the correct logic and intelligence these data can transform into smart information that provides clear, detailed answers. Details that are stored in the data-rich SAP environment and that are necessary to generate operational information. But due to some fierce IT technical roadblocks in ERP landscapes it is a huge challenge to offer real SAP business user IT self-service.

Every Angle effectively neutralizes these IT self-service roadblocks for SAP and generates operational business intelligence that places Every Angle at a well-deserved position in the global BI landscape.

As many of the participants didn't know Every Angle yet, they looked quite puzzled when Adriaansen stated that the Every Angle system could be up and running on their own data in less than two days. Luckily a Distell co-worker (Distell is an Every Angle customer) who was also in the audience stated that it actually only took one day at Distell, which alleviated the "slight disbelief".

After this interactive, informative presentation the show booth flooded full with interested parties, overwhelming the South African Every Angle team with questions and requests for further demos. The interest in the Every Angle software was great and the first PoC has already reached the sales office, no doubt with many more to come.


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