On Tuesday May 14th, Every Angle is pleased to announce that we will, again, attend and sponsor the 17. Logistik & SCM Gipfel. The event will take place at the Hugo Junkers Hangar in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Every Angle will be attending with 3 delegates, with whom you can book 1-1 meetings.

The event will provide important insights into the future of logistics. Topics that will be discussed, are Digitalization in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Supplier Management, Procurement Excellence and more.

Business Improvement Thought Leader Jacques Adriaansen will host an interesting RoundTable during the event, in which he also introduces Every Angle Process Mining.

RoundTable: Common Sense and Fact Based Logistics

In this RoundTable, Jacques Adriaansen will focus on the necessity of basing your Supply Chain Logistics on common sense and facts.

First, common sense. Don’t just apply methods and techniques because they are hyping. Make sure you properly understand the basic logic and assumptions of the methods and check whether they fit your environment. Examples will be given where this went wrong.

Second, make it fact based. Logistics decisions must be taken based on facts. Facts that, with the proper tools, can be found in the information in your ERP system, such as order information and status information. Logistics Analytics Business User Self-Service systems help users to swiftly get answers to ad hoc logistics questions, without the help of the IT department. And Supply Chain improvement processes have to be based on a solid, fact based insight of the situation. Process Mining systems can be used to figure out whether the Supply Chain flows deviate from the way they were designed in the first place. Jacques will explain why getting these facts is difficult and what can be done about it.

We hope to meet you at this event!