KLBer_Brauerei_AG_4cSAP implementations continue to remain a challenge for companies such as Kulmbacher Brewery. Process transparency, data quality and identifying process bottlenecks all play a pivotal role during go-live. Implementing Every Angle prior to this go-live phase allows a constant monitoring and helps ensure operational processes are running smoothly. Bottlenecks are avoided which guarantee a smooth SAP implementation for companies such as Kulmbacher Brewery.

In collaboration with Kohinor Consulting, a strategy and management consulting company, the SAP Go-Live Monitor from Every Angle has been implemented. Every Angle is also used in the daily business of the operational departments to track bottlenecks, identify their root cause and resolve these issues before they impact the supply chain. Any changes can be maintained directly into SAP and disturbances are avoided.

The background of Kulmbacher Brauerei AG
The Kulmbacher Brewery is deeply rooted in their Franconian homeland and continues to remain very active in the national beer market. Today it provides a wide range of beer specialties among their four beer brands KULMBACHER, EKU, MÖNCHSHOF and KAPUZINER. Rich with brewing tradition, Kulmbach’s skills in their market has helped them build legendary status and is heralded at the ‘secret capital of beer.”