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Flexibility and configuration

Can I adjust the Every Angle data model?

Can Every Angle export data to other environments?

Yes, Every Angle has several possibilities to push data to 3rd party products:

  • Microsoft Office: export charts, matrices and lists from the Every Angle client into Excel with just one simple mouse click;
  • CSV: export from the Every Angle client into CSV format;
  • ODBC connector;
  • SQL – export Every Angle data to other visualization and BI tools like PowerBI, Qlikview, Tableau;
  • Automated client: export to a network file, email, database or Every Angle table.

Can I add Z-fields and Z-tables to the Every Angle model?
We customized a lot in SAP. How does Every Angle handle this?
Can you schedule reports to run on specific times in Every Angle?
How much time and effort do we need to spend on supporting Every Angle?

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