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Flexibility and configuration

Can I adjust the Every Angle data model?
Can Every Angle export data to other environments?

Can I add Z-fields and Z-tables to the Every Angle model?


If specific Z-fields have been added to existing standard SAP tables, these can be added to the extraction using the Every Angle configurator. This configurator uses the dictionary from SAP to show the possible fields that can be added, including the Z-fields.

If certain Z-tables have been created in SAP, Every Angle will have to extend the standard model with these tables. This can be done by an Every Angle consultant as part of the implementation. It is a onetime effort of a couple of days, but it enables users to have the flexibility to build many different reports based on this added model.

We customized a lot in SAP. How does Every Angle handle this?
Can you schedule reports to run on specific times in Every Angle?
How much time and effort do we need to spend on supporting Every Angle?

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