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Using Every Angle

Who works with Every Angle?
What type of users create reports with Every Angle?
What level of expertise does Every Angle require?
How much time does it take to learn Every Angle?

Can we see a demonstration of Every Angle on our own data?

There are a number of different ways companies can experience Every Angle on their own data:

1. Live Demo/Proof-of-Concept: a demonstration of Every Angle connected to their SAP system (QAS or PRD) – this allows for demonstration of just how flexible and powerful Every Angle is. This demo could include setting up control towers to show how Every Angle is able to understand cross process issues, control processes and improve outcomes.

2. Business Value Discovery – this is a 5-day engagement where we use Every Angle to highlight and financially validate wasted cash, stock and time in your business. It has a cost associated with it, but we offer a risk free guarantee that if we do not find hidden cash that is 10 times the cost of the engagement, then there is no charge.

3. Pilot evaluation: a pilot evaluation is an extensive trial period of about three-to-six months. During this time, business users will be trained how to use Every Angle to create ad-hoc reports and answer the critical business questions that arise on a daily basis.

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