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SAP is the world’s leading ERP-system for large and very large companies, covering a multitude of business processes and containing loads of detailed and useful data. However, transforming that data into actionable insight still proves difficult for a couple of reasons:

1. It is located in process silos;
2. It requires an understanding of SAP table and data logic.

Most companies try to fill this insight gap by downloading data (using transactions like SE16) into spreadsheets and using macros to create new joins and calculations, or by spending excessive time building and amending ‘Z’ reports.

Every Angle removes the need for both.

Every Angle combines all kinds of operational and process data, and adds additional fields, calculations and statuses specifically designed to improve business performance. By using our standard solution, SAP users can create their own reports and analysis, and therefore answer many questions and solve several operational problems themselves without calling upon IT.

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