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How can Every Angle help improve Purchasing?
How can Every Angle help improve the production processes?

How can Every Angle help improve the management of stock?

Stock management can be improved by Every Angle’s ability to answer the following questions:

  • How much superfluous stock is there in my supply chain and what are the related annual costs of this excess?
  • Where do we have insufficient inventory and what are the potential production and / or customer service consequences of this?
  • Are we consistently holding too much stock (dead stock) unnecessarily?
  • How much money is tied up in inventory that should already have been delivered and invoiced, but are still in stock due to planning errors, delays, or unnecessarily high turnaround times?
  • Which SKU’s have excessively high safety stock levels? What is the value of the stock that is blocked by old reservations and customer orders?

How does Every Angle help to solve SAP ERP business questions?
What are the direct benefits of Every Angle?
What results do Every Angle's customers achieve?

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