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What is Every Angle?

What is Every Angle?
Why would I need Every Angle when I already have a BI (Business Intelligence) or BW (Business Warehouse) system?

Is Every Angle a data mining tool?

This depends on the definition of 'data mining'. If data mining is deemed to be a method to analyze the content of a database, Every Angle can be considered to be a data mining tool.

Every Angle is used frequently by its customers as a way to understand transactional data better, and also as a 'Process Mining Tool' where it is used to identify when process and data standards are not followed.

However, if by your definition it should be based on a combination of artificial intelligence and statistical technology where conclusions from the data are automatically obtained, then Every Angle is not a data mining tool.

Is Every Angle a business intelligence system?
We already use BW, do we still need Every Angle?
What is the difference between SAP BI (BW) and Every Angle?
What is the difference between Every Angle and solutions (such as QlikView, SAP BW and SAP BO)?
What is the difference between Every Angle and SAP HANA?
What technology does Every Angle use?

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