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Is the data extraction process secure? Will it slow down our SAP system? Does it cause data locking? How safe is our data?

The extract of data from SAP / HANA to Every Angle is extremely secure, and does not impact on the performance of SAP.

The data extraction is SAP Certified, and uses only background processes (no dialog processes). It is completely transparent as to what is extracted and the execution of the data extraction process via SAP batch jobs and ABAP program monitoring transactions.

It involves:

  • No table locking
  • No (measurable) memory usage
  • No writing of data of SAP (read-only)
  • No (measurable) impact on other SAP jobs
  • No (measurable) impact on other SAP transactions
  • No (measurable) impact on SAP system performance

The scope of data extraction is managed at Every Angle. The data extraction itself is executed by SAP (Every Angle only triggers the process at SAP, and retrieves the data that is pushed by SAP).

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