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Is the data extraction process secure? Will it slow down our SAP system? Does it cause data locking? How safe is our data?
Is the data in Every Angle real-time?

What do Every Angle's customers think of the solution not being real-time?

It’s usually not an issue.

The initial perception is that not being real-time is a disadvantage; however, once they use the tool their responses become much more positive.

Users soon realize that once you are in control, you do not need up-to-the-second information – and in fact this is often a disadvantage, because it prevents real understanding of what is actually going on and drives a ‘knee-jerk’, reactive mindset and behaviors. Real time information means that users often have different results in their reports depending on the time when they ran their report.

Near-real time information, such as twice daily updates, allows Every Angle to process the data, analyze it, and update it with the latest information regarding bottlenecks, shortages, delays, excess inventory, risks etc.

As our users explain;
"Detecting process bottlenecks should be done in a time frame in which you still have the opportunity to solve the issue. This is often not done within a day."

"Everybody works with the same information on a specific day, therefore you don't have discussions about differences because of different execution times."

How do we control endless discussions on which report is true when business users start creating their own reports?

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