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What is Every Angle?

What is Every Angle?
Why would I need Every Angle when I already have a BI (Business Intelligence) or BW (Business Warehouse) system?
Is Every Angle a data mining tool?
Is Every Angle a business intelligence system?
We already use BW, do we still need Every Angle?
What is the difference between SAP BI (BW) and Every Angle?
What is the difference between Every Angle and solutions (such as QlikView, SAP BW and SAP BO)?

What is the difference between Every Angle and SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a very fast, in-memory database enabling users to create and run queries in seconds, and create their own displays such as graphs, charts and dashboards.

Every Angle is a ready-to-run business application which comes with built-in knowledge of SAP and business processes. It also contains smart analytics on the supply chain, financials and HRM, and is delivered with pre-made views for a variety of business users. Every Angle contains its own in-memory technology (which, in the future, may be replaced by SAP HANA) but more importantly, contains ready-to-use content.

Every Angle compliments SAP HANA and its unique insight can be either added to SAP HANA, or run on SAP HANA. For more information, please go to: sap-hana-and-every-angle

What technology does Every Angle use?

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