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What is Every Angle?

What is Every Angle?
Why would I need Every Angle when I already have a BI (Business Intelligence) or BW (Business Warehouse) system?
Is Every Angle a data mining tool?
Is Every Angle a business intelligence system?
We already use BW, do we still need Every Angle?
What is the difference between SAP BI (BW) and Every Angle?

What is the difference between Every Angle and solutions (such as QlikView, SAP BW and SAP BO)?

In summary, there are five important differences:

1. Positioning: Insight versus Hindsight: Every Angle is designed towards usage in operations to support the user with actionable insight for immediate decision making. Other solutions often provide historical facts in hindsight.

2. Users: Every Angle is designed for usage by business users on operational level (execution and Management). Other tools are often focused on higher level management.

3. Level of detail: Every Angle contains completely granular transaction data, whereas other solutions mostly work with aggregated data on predefined cube with a given number of dimensions.

4. Business users vs IT tool: Every Angle is used by business users directly, most other tools need to be designed and developed by IT for business users.

5. Implementation: Every Angle is, through its built-in knowledge on SAP, plug-and-play. All other tools require a design and development process.

What is the difference between Every Angle and SAP HANA?
What technology does Every Angle use?

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