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What is the turnaround time of an Every Angle implementation?

There are various types of Every Angle implementations. Since Every Angle doesn’t require a design, development and test project, implementation is primarily focused on training the users. The implementation of Every Angle can be completed within a single week, and some have gone live in as little as three days!

However, most customers often opt for an implementation in the form of a Startup project which includes a period where users are productively using the software, but with the support of Every Angle consultants. A Startup project is normally completed within two or three months and the Every Angle user training typically takes a couple of days.

Sometimes customers ask for more extensive training programs. This is often because users not only gain a better understanding of our product from our training, but also obtain new insights into how supply chains are supposed to operate under SAP. This is due to our inbuilt product intelligence shining a light into the data and process practices of your business – helping your team obtain more knowledge in SAP supply chain management and identify ways to improve your business processes

After the training, users then like to spend a few months using Every Angle. The allocated Every Angle consultant is always available to answer questions, and generally spends between 10 to 20 working days helping the business during this implementation period. This time includes the technical installation, technical support, providing (on-the-job) training courses, second-line support and the additional consultancy during the first year after having gone live.

What makes the implementation of Every Angle fast and simple?
Is the technical installation finished in a single day? How is that possible?
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