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Using Every Angle

Who works with Every Angle?

Every Angle adds value to both business and IT.

Because Every Angle is a performance control and improvement tool, business users of Every Angle can vary from people responsible for operations up to heads of department and above. They are usually responsible for the success of part (or all) of the value chain. This includes: Supply chain managers; Planners; Purchasers; Inventory managers; Business analysts; Controllers; Logistics managers; Process managers, HR managers, Financial controllers, FD's etc. Users will focus on understanding what is happening at a transitional level, managers will want to know that their area of responsibility is under control, and executives use Every Angle's powerful business dashboards and control tower capabilities.

IT users of Every Angle range from people responsible for SAP data and process management, SAP BI (BW) consultants; ABAP programmers and anyone involved in meeting the business user’s demands for information.

What type of users create reports with Every Angle?
What level of expertise does Every Angle require?
How much time does it take to learn Every Angle?
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