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What is Every Angle?

What is Every Angle?

Why would I need Every Angle when I already have a BI (Business Intelligence) or BW (Business Warehouse) system?

BI tools - both SAP based and external – are primarily designed to store and report on large amounts of historic data - i.e. what has already happened. This can vary from sales history to financial metrics, inventory levels over time to supplier performance. BI tools are therefore normally used to compare performance against plans, targets and previous years.

However, BI tools are not designed to provide analysis on what is happening right now, but rather what has already happened. They are not capable of processing large volumes of ever changing transactional data such as open demand, production and purchasing information, and they certainly don't understand the data. Their job is to report on results and compare against the plan, the target or the volumes achieved this time last year.

Every Angle, on the other hand, is purposefully designed to help businesses understand what is happening right now, and to guide actions through the addition of added intelligence that highlights exceptions, bottlenecks, delays, over and understocks - and their reason. This provides a level of self-service analytical power that enables your team to answer their own questions and proactively identify issues before they happen. Every Angle then uses 'in-memory' technology to process vast amounts of transactional data at a super-fast speed, providing answers in seconds.

Every Angle and traditional BI systems complement each other perfectly: BI tools can be used for creating executive overviews and analyses that contain condensed, historic data while Every Angle can fill the gap between hindsight and action by creating operational overviews and advanced analyses with a high level of detail based on current data. The analysis results and KPIs calculated with Every Angle can also be pushed towards BI systems for time-series reporting.

Every Angle can save IT departments phenomenal amounts of time, as they no longer have to keep providing new or amended reports to users, and it saves users lots of time because they no longer have to download data into spreadsheets and build macros to try and get any insight as to what is happening at an operational level.

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