nedtrainlogoWe are proud to announce that NedTrain has signed a contract with Every Angle! 
NedTrain is responsible for the maintenance of all trains in The Netherlands and belongs to the Dutch Railways Group, the NS Group.

On February 17, Every Angle and NedTrain began a new project centered on the need to help NedTrain improve their supply chain operational performance; the main goal of which was to help improve process control. This project was named Grip On Operational Processes, or GOOP for short. The actionable insights contained within Every Angle’s software solution means that this is the exact type of problem we are continually asked to help solve.

Before the project started, NedTrain turned to their existing toolset to retrieve and manipulate their SAP data; multiple versions of the truth now existed. Their SAP system had failed to so far realize one of the main benefits originally sought from a company-wide ERP implementation; a common occurrence. This process was replaced by Every Angle. Every Angle could now provide NedTrain with better insights into bottlenecks, reduce the amount of time spent collecting data, whilst enabling their teams to act faster with better intelligence at their fingertips.

NedTrain use Every Angle for Master Data Management, Purchasing and Distribution & Warehousing (EWM). The first power user training session has already taken place with users now able to build up the control frameworks in Every Angle.

The project will be finished before the summer starts.