Every Angle is pleased to announce the release of R2019

R2019 enhances Every Angle through the integration of SAP S/4 HANA (EAinHANA), an updated GUI-design that makes the software even more user-friendly and new features like Payment Discount Analysis (Finance), Transport dashboards(Consulting & Support) and Measuring points (Plant Maintenance). All to reinforce our unique self-service analytical capabilities and to distinct ourselves from other BI-tools that are only able to report or visualize data from SAP.

Cross‑process intelligence

Cross‑process intelligence

Real business self‑service

Real business self‑service

Understands SAP configuration

Understands SAP configuration

Identify bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks




Every Angle R2019 brings you new features related to the future release of EAinHANA. The release enables the classic model server and real-time model server to work together with EAinHANA. EAinHANA is a solution with which selected Every Angle functionality is made available in the SAP HANA database, providing (near) real-time results, and made available for consumption by Every Angle’s Real-time Model Server (RMS) or other clients.

EAinHANA provides

Users with real-time insight into sales and purchase orders, making it possible to take prompt action to avoid negative impact of orders in jeopardy. For example:

Reschedule production

Reschedule planned production and improve future customer service level

Solve bottlenecks

Solve bottlenecks in procurement to prevent backorders

Warehouse backlog

Ship deliveries from stock and clear your daily warehouse backlog

EAinHANA differs from the standard
Every Angle product in several ways:

  • A large part of the solution exists as an add-on to the HANA database, which has direct access to the source data (e.g. SAP ECC)
  • No data extraction is necessary
  • The order network is permanently recalculated and is therefore available in near real-time
  • There are no (standard) content files based on which the model is built. Instead, EAinHANA contains selected functionality in hard-coded form (in HANA development artefacts)
  • The solution can be used by all clients that can consume HANA-views
  • Every Angle’s Real-time Model Server can be used as a client, which can perform real-time queries on the source database (HANA with the EAinHANA plugin), and present the results like any other Every Angle product
  • There are no (standard) content files based on which the model is built. Instead, EAinHANA contains selected functionality in hard-coded form (in HANA development artefacts)

Users can immediately analyze the effects of
their actions on the full scope oforders. EAinHANA will be available for S/4 and ECC on HANA.

Payment Discount Analysis

In the new Every Angle R2019 package, we added the 'Payment Discount Analysis' functionality to the object 'Accounting Document'.

Unique insight in discount processes to finance, sales and purchasing users of Every Angle.

By using the functionality, this analysis gives you, for example, immediate insight into payment discounts that are entitled and the actual discount that has been taken by customers. This is valid when payment terms contain discounts, e.g. 3% discount when payment takes place within 14 days, 2% within 30 days and 45 days net. It often happens that customers pay within x days (greater than the interval) but still take the maximum discount.

This analysis also gives you immediate inside in how much money has been saved by paying early. As well as inside into open amounts related to the maximum achievable discount. What better way to improve your payment processes by getting the insight you need first.

Measuring Points

The new R2019 package of Every Angle provides the new functionality ‘Measuring Points’
to our Plant Maintenance solution.

Create a unique measuring document that contains the condition results, as well as the
person who created the document, dates and times.

Measuring points in the SAP System describes the physical and logical locations at which a condition is described. For example, the coolant temperature in a nuclear power station after the coolant has left the pressure vessel, or the number of rotations at a rotor shaft of a wind-driven power plant. In Plant Maintenance, measuring points are located on technical objects, in other words, on pieces of equipment or functional locations. For example, in a storeroom for fruit, a certain room temperature must be created and maintained. The temperature is kept constant by a regulator and is also checked regularly by a measuring device. The storeroom is represented in the system as a functional location.

Measuring counters are used for preventive maintenance. They are part of the maintenance plans. When the counter value is exceeded, a maintenance order or notification can be created automatically in the system. Inspection rounds can be executed to read and register all the values of the measuring points. In the new Every Angle R2019 four new objects are introduced, including the required references.

Other features

Product Costing Enhancement

This new functionality allows the business user to do extensive variance reporting by comparing the target cost to the actual costs.

Add filter before jump

Add a filter before a jump, without having to remove the Jump first.

Quality Inspection Score

We have added the quality inspection score data to the quality inspection object in Every Angle.

Transport dashboards

This new feature enables users to download dashboards into a package.

Web Client notifications

End-users will now receive notifications in the Web Client and IT Management Console when updates about events, new releases and features are pushed from Every Angle.

Modernized client looks

With this update we are introducing a new look and feel and several new UI elements of the and several new UI elements throughout the Web Client.

Expand data push functionality

Allows users to automate additional processing steps within Automation Tasks.

Re-cap interactive dashboards

New filter options in Dashboards, enabling users to quickly apply filters on a Dashboard.

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