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Every Angle Partner Program

As an international software company with a global customer portfolio, Every Angle is continuously developing its partner network all over the world. These partnerships include organizations adding business value such as sales skills, technological expertise or geographical advantages. Partners are crucial to Every Angle’s success to nurture our installed base and grow our new customer base.

What can our partners expect from us?

As an Every Angle partner you will benefit from a unique SAP add-on solution that can help you grow your business by generating new opportunities or even help you to move you faster through existing sales cycles. Every Angle’s partner program consists of Resellers, Sales partners, Business Value Partners and Software Development partnerships.

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Every Angle Resellers are usually SAP-implementation services firms, business consulting firms or hosting companies that resell Every Angle in a given territory in addition to their own services. Every Angle Resellers take care of the entire sales process (lead generation, sales, delivery and local support) and will receive a commission. They are able to appoint additional Sales Partners or Business Value Partners to their territory.

Sales Partners

Sales Partners are usually SAP-implementation services firms, business consulting firms or hosting companies who want to spend some focus on assisting Every Angle in expanding its customer base on account by account basis. Usually sales partners engage in a joint sales (‘’Co-selling’’) process with Every Angle or Every Angle’s Resellers.

Business Value Partners

In addition to engaging in a joint sales ("Co-selling") process, Business Value Partners are companies that actually add services to the Every Angle software, resulting in more business value for the customer, Every Angle and the Business Value Partners themselves. Business Value Partners can be SAP-implementation services firms, business consulting firms or hosting companies.

Software Development Partners

Software development partners are companies that work together with the Every Angle development team to enhance its product suite in specific areas. This can be achieved by either improving the Every Angle software experience or by contributing to extend the business process coverage.

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