Major improvements during Every Angle upgrade at Philips Healthcare / Successful upgrade of Every Angle at Philips Healthcare / Outstanding upgrade of Every Angle realized at Philips Healthcare

Every Angle Upgrade Positively Impacts Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare are avid and frequent users of Every Angle, however this often caused problems and minor difficulties for their server. Philips therefore wanted a solution. Following several test from our consulting and support teams, we were able to provide a fantastic solution which heralded great results.

It soon transpired that the version of Every Angle Philips had installed was not suitable for the functionalities they used. Our team therefore recommended upgrading Philips to the newest version available.. Philip’s data is now refreshed four times a day; taking only 15 minutes per refresh. During the data download all existing data files remains online; this only appears offline during the 15 minute refresh. Before this upgrade, the data refresh took place once a day, taking up 3 ½ hours; the data was offline throughout this whole period. Due to this upgrade, all of Philips offices around the world can now access the most up-to-date data whilst experiencing minimal downtime.

Philips can now also benefit from the availability of an extended functionalities package. Every Angle recently added important quality certificates to the purchasing process. These certificates guarantee that the medical equipment, purchased by Philips, are of the required standard; which is very important in the medical sector. Another ne oimportant added functionality, for Philips, is the Plant Maintenance module.

Summary of the added value of the upgrade:

  • The most up-to-date data is available across all time-zones.
  • More insights in the master data and orders in their Plant Maintenance processes.
  • Quality certificates that guarantee standards of purchased products.
  • Requires less time to format an Angle.

“The newest Every Angle release gives Philips the possibility to get better insights in SAP master data and transactional data. Especially since Every Angle can also process the data of SAP Plant Maintenance, Routing information, Finance and Controlling and document structures. The greatly improved Client guarantees a more stable and faster working environment for all users around the world.” – Robert-Jan Hamel, Factory Automation Manager at Philips Healthcare

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