PoC on my data

An Every Angle proof of concept is actually a very compressed project in which the Every Angle out-of-the-box solution is linked to the SAP system of the customer. The project can also be referred to as a “Live Demo” because it not only shows the functionality of Every Angle live on the customer’s SAP environment but, using the capabilities and flexibility of the Every Angle system, it can also provide specific answers live to ad-hoc questions at the customer site.

"After the PoC at Kverneland Group, users did not want to work without the Every Angle software anymore. The implementation only took three days, as promised, and they were able to run operational reports themselves quickly and easily."

Peter Scherpenisse at Kverneland Group

"Biggest advantage of Every Angle is that Kverneland Group did not have to specify or define any questions upfront, because the Every Angle built-in intelligence can deliver answers to ad-hoc questions."

Ronald Elshout at Kverneland Group

“Less than a day of IT support.”

Richard den Ouden, Global Director of Business Development, explains that a Live Demo takes less than a day of IT support. He also explains that the Every Angle add-on tool for SAP can open up that whole SAP system and helps to make the business aware of what is happening inside the system.  Furthermore, an Every Angle PoC can help to show IT how the business is using SAP.

Den Ouden continues to explain the process for a company to organize an on-site Live Demo and also how “business skeptics” experience the outcome of the PoC itself. In addition, Den Ouden elaborates on how the Every Angle BI solution reveals process performance as well as items such as service levels, stock levels and also the relationship between the back orders and the stock levels.

In order to request more information about a PoC of Every Angle live and on your data, enter your data below or send an email to  r.denouden@everyangle.com 


During an Every Angle PoC or Live Demo Project, the Every Angle software is:

  • installed on a windows server (preferably in the SAP data center)
  • linked to the SAP ECC system of the customer (default Q-system with a copy of PRD)
  • demonstrated to management, business and IT.

This gives the customer the opportunity to evaluate the Every Angle software, see it working on their own SAP data, get feedback from both IT and the business, and determine the potential added value regarding:

  • a temporary usage of Every Angle (e.g. project support) and/or
  • operational “daily” Every Angle usage (improving SAP-usage and business processes).

Objectives of an Every Angle PoC


Prove that Every Angle:

  • has a high ROI and low TCO
  • can be implemented quickly and with limited resources, without significant risks
  • contributes to strategic goals, planned projects and operational objectives.


Prove that Every Angle:

  • is plug and play (up and running within one day)
  • can process large data volumes quickly and efficiently
  • fits within the IT landscape and BI roadmap
  • can be supported with a low burden on IT resources
  • is compliant with all governance guidelines, security rules and authorization policies.


Prove that Every Angle can provide:

  • a live Every Angle environment system, processing all relevant SAP data, technical up and running within 24 hours with out-of-the box content which is ready to use
  • transparency regarding business processes (e.g. backorders, pollution, delivery reliability) for different modules (SD, MM, PP, QM)
  • a detailed analysis of supply chain processes (e.g. shortages, excess stock, over-planned orders)
  • an overview of SAP ERP usage and SAP data quality
  • high visibility on business critical information to make the right daily decisions and control daily processes in a deployable way.