Every Angle is pleased to announce the release of R2018

This new release enhances Every Angle through the integration of non-SAP data and a new GUI-design that makes the software even more user-friendly. All to reinforce our unique self-service analytical capabilities and to distinct ourselves from other BI-tools that are only able to report or visualize data from SAP.

Cross‑process intelligence

Cross‑process intelligence

Real business self‑service

Real business self‑service

Understands SAP configuration

Understands SAP configuration

Identify bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks



Adding non-SAP sourced data to Every Angle

Every Angle always had and has a dominant focus on SAP as data source, as SAP covers most of the processes within an industry. But SAP is not the sole source of data. Companies use separate systems for various functions. Supplier Master data may be maintained in an SRM system, Material Master data in a PLM system and Customer Master Data in a CRM system. SAP transaction data may be expanded with purchase data from Ariba, sales opportunities from Salesforce and production execution results from an MES layer.

Companies want to analyze the SAP data in conjunction with this non-SAP data. And companies using Every Angle would like to see that in one single Every Angle model. Until now it was possible to add non-SAP data to the Every Angle model, but that was a meticulous task, that asked for specific consulting expertise. Given the increasing demand for integrating SAP and non-SAP data, we had to make that task easier to perform, what resulted in the integration of an ETL Functionality in our software.

The ETL Functionality has an ETL Server and an ETL Designer, and covers the extraction, transformation and loading activities for both SAP and non-SAP data. The ETL Designer helps the user to create scripts, specifying what to retrieve, and where and how to retrieve the data. The ETL Server executes these scripts and populates the Every Angle Model Server with the source data.

The Every Angle ETL Functionality:

  • Facilitates the retrieval of SAP data and non-SAP data
  • Facilitates the integration of non-SAP data in the same Every Angle Model
  • Controls the way of working to add non-SAP data
  • Supports databases such as MS SQL, Oracle, IBM and others
  • Supports Excel and other simple text file formats like .txt, .csv, .xml


Every Angle R2018 has a completely new design of the GUI and homepage to create a better overview and make it even more user-friendly.

Full-width design

The homepage of the Every Angle WebClient is now full-width. This creates a better overview and is more consistent with the rest of our product. We have also cancelled out much of the negative white-space.

Incorporation of Flat Design

This is a much-used design style for data visualization in web applications. It helps the user to focus on relevant content and the completion of specific task(s) without much visual distraction.

Business Process Selection

The selected Business Process Tab will now pop up so it’s clearer which tab(s) is selected.

Repositioning of View Mode

View Mode buttons (compact mode) are now in the same content bar as the Search field, Angle Actions combo-box and Create Angle button.

Repositioning of Sorting options

The sorting options have now been moved to the top right position above the search result. This is a more logical position that is common with modern web applications.

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