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Program Management

To ensure that our customers get the most value out of using Every Angle, it is important that we do much more than just sell licenses. We need to create the case for change, and then implement it. To do this, the Every Angle team will work with the business to identify where the business is currently struggling due to a lack of insight, and how Every Angle can resolve these issues. Then we need to ensure that these new analytics are embedded in the organization so that the potential savings from reducing waste, eliminating wasted effort, resources and money are realized.

To achieve the identification of issues and waste, Business Value Assessment workshops are organized that looks across numerous business processes and organizational elements. During these workshops the use cases for Every Angle are identified.

To financially quantify the potential benefits of changing to Every Angle, a tool called a Business Value Calculator (BVC) is used. This identifies the volume and financial cost of value destroying behaviors such as the time spent downloading data into Excel and manipulating it, in order to identify the potential savings that could be made if those behaviors could be eliminated through the use of Every Angle. The output of the BVC is an interactive discussion with internal process experts to ensure that there is consensus on the outcome.

You will now have a financially validated case for change, and a suite of use cases where Every Angle can improve the business. This forms a desired future state. The next step is to ensure that we move beyond documentation into the world of delivery.

The ‘quick win’ use cases will be delivered as part of the start-up project, so the business leaders can see for themselves how quickly Every Angle can start to deliver value. The remaining use cases will then be documented in an Embedding Plan, which will be used by an Embedding Steering Committee to ensure that the improvements are achieved and the maximum value out of Every Angle is obtained.

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