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KPI Dashboards

SAP is your single source of the truth, but how can you get all the relevant data out of it in a consistent manner? Even in the smallest companies you will find Excel dashboards or PowerPoint presentations where data is aggregated and presented in an appealing manner. Other IT landscapes include BW and dashboard solutions like Antivia, QlikView and Tableau.

However, before these dashboard solutions show anything, they need to be fed with data. Normally this is extracted directly from the SAP database. At this point companies face the complexity of the SAP database structure. As a result, something seemingly simple as a delivery performance dashboard suddenly becomes a huge and complex project taking months until completion.

Although the majority of your relevant data is stored in your ERP system in a structured way and is therefore in theory accessible for in-depth analytical processing, neither the SAP ERP system nor your enterprise data warehouse can cater for these requirements. The complex data structure that is developed in order to provide the flexibility and “configurability” of a transactional system unfortunately prevents the creation of operational business analytics directly in that system.

Providing an analytical view of the data in SAP data is very different from providing a transaction processing view of the data. BI solutions that extract and transform data from multiple systems can be very powerful at reporting on past information and providing historical performance analysis in order to create a series of lag-based KPIs. Thus they are very suitable for corporate business intelligence.

However, they are also bound to the dimensions and values that have been selected during the design of the infocubes, reducing both their flexibility and the needed level of granularity.

By removing the complexity of SAP data, Every Angle not only provides Operational Business Analytics but can also significantly reduce the lead time and costs of feeding the Corporate BI system with relevant data.


Every Angle’s built-in process knowledge allows you to construct a dashboard of key performance indicators by easily designing, adjusting and verifying them in a process known as rapid prototyping.

The dashboards that you can rapidly develop with Every Angle include:

  • Supplier delivery performance (on time, in full, lead time, returns, etc.)
  • Production performance (on time, in full, lead time, QI released, etc.)
  • Stock level (trend analysis of stock levels, days of supply, etc.)
  • Customer Service performance (on time, in full, lead time, returns, etc.)
  • Financial performance (AR, DSO, AP, DPO, profit margin, etc.)

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