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Stock Optimizer

Managing working capital is one of the most frustrating issues in the Supply Chain. Underestimate your requirements and suddenly you have the Sales Director breathing down your neck and account managers wanted to know why you are unable to satisfy their customer’s demand. Over-estimate them and then you have the finance director sending you emails about the excessive amount of inventory on the books.

Let’s look at the latter scenario, because it has a direct impact on the bottom line.

There are many ways inventory levels can be unnecessarily high; from too much safety stock, to product held in quality, returned stock, buffer stock etc. Effectively what we have is two types of excess inventory – inventory we don’t need, and inventory that is unusable.

To help with both types of excess inventory, Every Angle and developed a ‘Stock Optimizer’ service package.

This offering provides your company with detailed insight into:

  • Excess stocks
  • Factors causing these excess stocks
  • Possible corrective actions (what to do where) needed to prevent and/or eliminate excess stocks.

Every Angle distinguishes between three major causes that generate this excess inventory;

  • Unbalanced inventory control master data
  • Errors in execution
  • ystem and process characteristics

The Stock Optimizer service will create the relevant reports and analytics needed to effectively manage your inventory, saving huge sums of money.

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