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VAT Assessment

One universal truth in business is to not mess with the taxman. So when you enter the world of international transactions the risk on incorrect VAT can be very high.

Incorrect VAT registration can result in fines for underpayments, or paying more tax than you needed too. Depending on the size of your business, this can stretch into millions of euros. (or dollars / pounds / etc.) The more complex the VAT supply chain, the higher the tax risk.

So, to ensure that you are not exposed to paying too little or too much tax (and so your CFO can sleep soundly at night!), Every Angle - together with our Business Value Partners INSynQ, have created a new offering – VAT Assessment.

This offering is a combination of analytical insight and experience that can help your organization to really gain understanding and control of your VAT processes, so you ensure you pay the right amount (and only the right amount) at the right time.


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