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New Angle Creation

Every Angle’s philosophy is “business user self-service”; making reporting and analysis so simple that business users can do it with minimal IT support.

Every Angle calls every report or analysis an ‘Angle’. Business users can run these “Angles” themselves and gain access to the information and operational analyses they need to take action on a day-to-day basis.

However, many users do not know what they don’t know, or they are after a complicated piece of cross-process analysis but are not sure how to get it. In these situations, it is often beneficial and quicker for the customer to describe what they are looking for, and for someone more experienced to produce the angle for them.

Every Angle is therefore happy to provide an Angle creation service for its customers. Depending on the complexity of the analyses or possible customer specific configuration, our consultants can help with the creation and validation of these more specific and complicated Angles.

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