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Customer Specific Configuration

Every Angle software is delivered with a lot of pre-built, ready-to-use content and out-of-the-box configuration. This content and configuration automatically covers the scope of functionality and table that are available in standard SAP.

However, many customers have added a number of bespoke elements to their SAP installation, such as creating customer-specific tables (Z tables or Y tables), customer specific fields or customer specific calculations. Obviously, Every Angle does not know about these elements and needs to accommodate them as well as the standard SAP elements. This is also necessary if customers need to include data from non-SAP data sources.

In cases as these, it will require customer specific configuration, which, of course, can be provided by Every Angle. However, unlike other reporting tools which would not be able to handle the bespoke nature of these developments, Every Angle can be adapted to include them in only a matter of days.

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