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Governance and Control

One of the key benefits of Every Angle is that it empowers business users to create their own analysis in a short period of time without having to rely on IT. Once created, this analysis or report can be shared with colleagues – which is a very powerful benefit, but one that comes with great responsibilities as well.

It is important to have reports validated before they are shared with a broader audience, so that you can ensure that viewing users access validated Angles and quickly find all relevant information they are looking for. You also want to ensure that users are not running outdated versions of Angles in the shared Angle section.

So, how can you prevent that empowerment leads to an uncontrolled jungle with an ever increasing number of Angles? This can be prevented and controlled with some simple, easy to apply governance procedures, which is what this service package provides.

Based on your specific situation and best practices from our (other) customers, we will advise you how to set-up the governance procedures compliant with existing governance procedures in your organization. This includes such things as naming conventions, archiving, user maintenance, security profiles and governance guidelines. Finally, a governance implementation plan will be produced.


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