and how control towers can help resolve them.

The world of business has never been more dynamic and volatile. The customer is now in control. As demand signals fly into the business from numerous new and existing channels, the pressure put on the supply chain has never been so high.

Analysts and vendors have been pushing the need for end-to-end supply chain visibility for years. Yet in 2013 Gartner stated that it would be near impossible for organizations to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility; they estimated that by 2016, less than 20% of companies would finally have access to it.

Supply Chain control towers have had their own hype-cycle over the last few years, and to many, they still remain as elusive as unicorns and mermaids. The main premise is that they can act as a centralized hub that combines data from across the extended supply chain; enabling centralized planning teams to make adjustments to supply plans in order to minimize disruptions and risks. However, the introduction of new technologies now means it is possible to find and identify those mermaids...

Rather than just analyzing past performance, new forms of control tower capabilities have arisen that use time sensitive data from a company's existing, integrated data management and transactional systems to integrate processes and tools across the end-to-end supply chain.

Throughout this eBook we examine how this type of analysis has opened up the opportunity for organizations to resolve five common supply chain issues;

1. The need for supply chain visibility and insights
2. The need to align the business using common metrics and goals
3. The need to control the rising cost and unpredictability of transportation
4. The need to build a culture based on prevention rather than cure
5. The need to improve the quality of your master data

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