Niek Vaessen, General Manager of Supply Chain Management & Information Technology at Bridgestone, spoke about their transformation to a new supply chain structure during Every Angle’s Customer Day. The manufacturer of tires as well as other rubber products told about the role of information in the large supply chain transformation that Bridgestone has been working on for years. “At all levels, employees should have access to real-time information on recent sales, product variants, stock levels, production charts and cost components in order to be able to do their jobs properly”, says Vaessen, who presented how Bridgestone utilizes Every Angle to deliver a synchronized view of the operation to all levels and locations throughout the supply chain.

Bridgestone Europe

Bridgestone Europe (BSEU) is a key regional subsidiary of the Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of tyres and other rubber products. Bridgestone Corporation and its subsidiaries employ over 138.000 people around the world, operate 187 plants in 26 nations and sell products in more than 150 countries. One in five vehicles in the world drives on the company's tyres.