Hans Veltman

On Wednesday May 10th at 11.00 CEST, our Product Innovation Director Hans Veltman will host a 20-minute webinar, explaining our Control Towers for Service and Inventory Levels, Data Quality and GRC. In a separate webinar our Waste Control Tower has been explained, the recording of this webinar can be requested here.

With relevant business examples Hans will explain where our Control Towers might come in handy. During this webinar, a Control Tower dashboard will be shown that contains Angles (reports) on:

  • Reliability of Procurement from vendors
  • Delivery reliability of Procurement
  • Top 5 least reliable suppliers
  • Reliability of deliveries to customers
  • Delivery reliability customer orders
  • Top 5 worst served customers in time frame past 2 weeks and next 2 weeks
  • Expected delivery reliability next 2 weeks
  • Bottlenecks open sales orders
  • Revenue endangered per bottleneck

The Angles that are created specifically for Service and Inventory levels, Data Quality and GRC will also be discussed more in-depth.  

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