Thursday October 12th, 16.00 CEST

Join the 30-min webinar ‘Improve your Customer Service Level’ to learn which five elements are impacting your Customer Service Level, and how you improve your processes. The webinar will be in English and will take place on Thursday October 12th 16.00 CEST.

Our UK&I Manager Larry O’Brien and Functional Consultant Luke Read will be hosting this session. Topics included in this webinar, are:

  • What is data and what’s actionable insight?
  • What is causing the bottlenecks that impact customers?
  • Which bottlenecks are impacting our open sales orders?
  • Who are our top 5 reliable suppliers?
  • What’s the value of revenue at risk, and sorted by bottleneck?

Larry and Luke will demonstrate the Customer Service Control Towers. This Control Tower enables you to identify and understand both the root causes of an issue and its impact both in terms of revenue and service.

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