On Thursday April 6th, our UK&I VP of Sales Larry O’Brien and UK Account Manager Luke Read will host a webinar, as part of our series on Control Towers, focusing on waste. The webinar will take place between 11.00 – 12.00 GMT.

During this webinar, Larry and Luke will explain how Every Angle enables you to understand the root causes of waste identified within your SAP system, helping you to reduce waste and find out where cost saving opportunities may lie.

In this webinar, Every Angle will look at different areas where waste can be easily identified within your SAP system. During this webinar, Larry and Luke will cover various areas including:

  • Unnecessary orders and/or production of materials
  • Excess and slow moving/obsolete stocks
  • Historic pollution of data and orders
  • Financial Waste

Every Angle’s software solution gives you insights and ideas on the many areas where waste occurs. This session is designed as an intro to our Control Tower solution – giving participants an idea of the possibilities of the data that already exists within their SAP systems, but currently cannot access.

The webinar will close with a demonstration of our Control Tower dashboards. The webinar is interesting to attend for those working across the Supply Chain including Operations, Procurement, Sales & Distribution, and Finance.

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